Active Lock

Change easily every locker by replacing the uncomfortable keys with RFID technology. Sturdy and reliable, the electronic lock is ideal for gyms and schools, but also for offices and commercial activities.

The new ACTIVE LOCK was designed to allow a flexible management in closing lockers, either private or shared (multi-user rotation) ensuring high security. RFID or NFC technologies used are now available on various supports, from cards to bracelets, key fobs, etc. This new technology replaces the old mechanical key systems that require a difficult and expensive maintenance.

The installation is extremely simple, requiring only a circular hole of 23mm on the locker door, plus 4 fastening screws. The lock remains in the compartment, only the cylinder containing the RFID/NFC reader protrudes from the circular hole.

Focus Areas:
- Spas / Wellness Centers
- Camping
- Beaches
- Ski resorts
- Golf clubs
- Swimming Pools / Gyms
- Others

Types of lockers:
- Lockers for locker rooms
- Lockers dedicated for mobile charging
- Service Lockers

Main Features:
- Compatible with card for Active Device systems
- Easy Activation through use of special Programming Cards
- Programming mode set for Private or Shared
- “Master” Card held by Administrator for Emergency or Service interventions
- Programming software and devices on PC simple and intuitive
- Viewer Device for verification of locker number used as accessory
- Easy integration of RFID or NFC support shared with other services (access, showers, etc.)

Technical properties
DescriptionElectronic lock for lockers, RFID on 13,56 MHz
Product code421.1XX3
Power Supply4 x LR6 1,5V (AA alkaline batteries)
Battery life80.000 cycles / 4 years with alkaline batteries
RFID Frequency13.56 MHz
Reading rangeFrom 10 up to 20 mm
InterfaceRed light
Operating temperature-20° / 70°
Dimensions116 x 116 x 35mm (A x L x P)
Weight320 gr (batteries included)