Active Device

Gain access to any service, simply by bringing the identifier close to the reader.

Active Device is the reliable but robust box easy to install and totally waterproof of Active Line RicreArea. Through its dual role of reader/writer, Active Device allows control of the activities that take place within the fully stand-alone structures, without the need of complicated wiring.
This is possible because in the inside of Active circuit the information about authorizations and credit travel on supports given to users instead on the line. For these reasons, the Active system is particularly suitable for Access Control applications and authorization for Reserved Areas, Token Machines, Showers and Hairdryers control, Lockers, Electricity Supply and much more.

Every Active device installed in the structure is programmed to perform the desired function through a Setup card prepared on PC station via the Active Programmer. The card contains the operating instructions as well as an update of validation date. After the Setup card reading, Active is ready.

Every Active device stores in memory the last 42 operations, whenever it is needed to check the history of operations you just have to bring the Backup card close, on which Active will download the buffer of last activities (date, user ID, operation). Data transfer on the PC station is done simply by placing the Backup card on the reader of Active Programmer device.

More information about Active solution in the dedicated section of RicreaArea site.

Technical properties
Power Supply10-27Vdc 2W
Dimensions (mm.)120x80x55
Piloting OutputRelay 1A
EncodingSetup Card
Data Connection-BK-Card