XTmini Reader UHF Long Range

UHF Reader for Automatic Vehicle Identification.

The XT Mini Reader is designed and optimized for access control applications. It offers long range extension to access control systems and is intended for pole mounting close to the vehicle lane.
The Reader has a small physical size and comes with an integrated circular polarized antenna providing special antenna read-lobe features. The XT Mini Reader is designed with a unique combination of high quality components and a highly integrated architecture to give a competitive price. The Reader also comes with a built in access controller making the XT Mini the most innovative Reader in the market. Perfect for vehicular access control in recreational areas such as Campgrounds, Resorts, Hotels, etc. Access management of visitors is always a critical issue of accommodation structures, because it is necessary to allow the entrance only for authorized customers, in order to limit traffic in relax and mixed/pedestrian areas or to not allow an indiscriminate use of indoor parking lots, to manage the suppliers, etc…

A simple and inexpensive system for the management of authorized access to your structure. Ideal for reading tags model Card or glass stickers for vehicles. A fully independent system able to operate even in stand-alone and turn your access gates with barrier into a fast and automatic system for identification and authorization for access.

The XT Mini can be integrated into an access control system with a minimum of installation and configuration.
The Reader will typically use Wiegand/Magstripe for integration and also RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet interfaces are available. The XT Mini supports the OSDP protocol. Support of the SKIDATA BLL4 protocol can be offered as an option.
The XT Mini has an ‘Easy Configuration’-feature supporting the most common access control systems, limiting the configuration time to only a few seconds.

The product can also operate stand-alone with external equipment connected directly to the internal relay. The XT Mini supports TagMaster’s existing reader application software as well as allowing customised reader application development using TagMaster Software Development Kit. The SecureMarkID™ comes with EPC block to ensure the best security solution in authorizations for access control systems.

Product Sheet and more information can be directly found on TagItalia.

Key features:

  • Long range extension to access control systems
  • Circular polarized antenna with small physical size
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Robust and weatherproof design
  • Extremely reliable operation
Technical properties
Product Code152300
Operating frequencies865.6–867.6 MHz, Europe
Read rangeUp to 3 metres (10 ft) with TagMaster SecureMarkID® tags
Dimensions261 x 152 x 55 mm (10.3 x 6.0 x 2.2 inch)
Power supply12–24 VDC supply
Output power<500 mW (e.r.p)
CertificatesCE Certificate according to R&TTE-Directive 1999/5/EC and FCC
StandardsEPC Gen2 (ISO 18000-63)
SafetyEN 60950-1, EN 60950-22