Thanks to our decennial experience in the sector of provision of identifying support services, we can ensure the highest quality products in brief times at low cost. Our proposal of RFID Card or with dual technology, barcode and/or magnetic strip etc., is designed to provide adequate solutions for every Recreational Activity. From loyalty cards for commercial activities to Museum Tickets, from badges for Skipass or car parking, to Key Cards for resorts, from access badges for Spas to those to speed up the transit of suppliers, etc. All RicreArea cards have customizable colors and refinement effects both front and rear.

Generale Sistemi srl for its brands TagItalia and RicreArea, through its continuous scouting in foreign markets, boasts in fact a wide experience in RFID Cards distribution. Constant monitoring of emerging markets, experience for the risks linked to different classes of products, ability to negotiate large orders thanks to the knowledge of production and distribution processes. All this, along with constant contacts with our manufacturing partners known globally, has allowed us to consolidate over time our role of company able to follow the identification and the provision of tags for each type of application or services, even in large quantities.

This knowledge allows to entrust to our company the investigation of products that maximize the cost savings but also provided with special features (non-standard, certified for specific applications, resistance properties, etc.) as well as a total customization.

Technical properties
ISO Descriptionproximity card, flexible and designed for use in the most common 125 kHz proximity systems
IC UNIQUE 64/bits RF/64 Ask Manchester
Thickness: 0.76 mm ± 0.08mm
Lenght: 85.60 mm ± 0.12mm
Width: 53.98 mm ± 0.05mm
Weight: 5,60 g ± 0.50 g
Standard colorWhite\White
PrintingBoth sides printable with offset, thermal transfer and sublimation printing
Slots:Three different positions available for the slots
Contact module:The customer can incorporate a contact form in ISO location
Magnetic BandOptional HICO 2750Oe magnetic stripe in ISO position
Frequency125 kHz ± 6 kHz
Materials:PVC, White\White (gloss)
Operating temperature:-35 OC e +50 OC (-30 OF and +122 OF) as for ISO 7816
Resistances:The card is designed to resist to the common stress related to access control operations
Miscellaneous:Different HICO and LOCO magnetic stripes are available on demand as well as custom logos and holograms