Oval Plastic Key Fob

A comfortable and sturdy identifier, which allows to use any tool or service simply by bringing the key fob in proximity of the reader.

RFID systems allow a rationalization of your own activities, speeding up and improving productivity and efficiency of your services.

The plastic key fobs so will result handy and effective fidelity tools, able to manage all users and/or employees. Within these safe and resistant plastic cases it is possible to insert any kind of tag able to interface with Generale Sistemi’s devices or owned devices already present in your facilities.

The key fobs made of polycarbonate are fully functional at temperatures from -30 C° up to +80 C° and tagged IP 67, thus allowing use in any recreational environment including those characterized by hostile scenarios such as spas, pools or saunas.

The key fob was in fact designed to resist pressure commonly encountered in typical applications for access control and presence detection systems.

Available in transparent Blue color.

Available Chips:

- UNIQUE 64 bits RF/64 ASK Manchester
- Q5 configurable in RF/64 ASK Manchester with 224 bits user data memory

Technical properties
Product CodeSK 210.4132
Dimensions6,80 x 47,4 x 28,6 mm
ProtectionIp67 (IEC 60529)
Weight5 g
Frequency125 Khz R/W