LF Desk Usb

The RFID readers by RicreArea with their compact and stylish design guarantee reliability, speed and safety. Designed to meet the specific requirements of the world of accommodation and leisure activities.

LF Desk Usb is a proximity RFID Desktop Reader with approved transmission frequency working on 125kHz and with a USB 2.0 interface to the host.

LF Desk Usb allows the transfer of a transponder code from keyboard emulation through a useful dedicated application for Windows OS (USB driver virtual COM).

The code on the Tag detected is sent to PC by emulating keyboard writing.

Sturdy and ergonomic, it is ideal for leisure and hospitality services also temporary, allowing a quick use and an immediate capacity to be repositioned where needed.

Technical properties
Product CodeSO 110.1010
Supported TagsEm410x, EM4x50, EM4305, T5557, HITAG S, Q5
Frequency125 kHz
Interface USB 2.0
Reading RangeUp to 50mm depending on the tag
EncodingShort Frame, I/O 13 digit, Zucchetti, TMC, Sokymat, Laserline, Kronotech, I/O SIK 10, Solari Udine, Short Frame Inverso...
FeaturesUSB cable provided, Led, Configuration Software, word wrapping functionality, ABS Case
Power Supply5 VDC for USB
Dimensions115 x 75 x 25mm (L x W x H)
Weight150 g