Active Gym

Gain access to any service, simply by bringing the bracelet close to the reader. A single gesture to allow your users a workout in complete freedom.

Active Gym is the product of Active line by RicreArea that allows control over the activities which take place inside gyms completely in stand-alone, with no need to wire up the whole structure.
This is possible because within the Active circuit the information about authorizations and credit travel on supports assigned to users instead than on the line. For these reasons the Active system is particularly suitable for the following applications:

Access Control, by regulating the entrances of people to the structure and several internal areas, while also allowing to set restricted areas and provide an expiration date for the permissions of every single user.

Hairdryer and Shower Control, where Active Gym is able to perform the functions of an electronic microchip token machine, and thanks to its intuitive Start&Stop system, it also allows to obtain a significant water saving. In addition, the Active system can integrate solar panels as well, adding the energy saving to the water saving.

Vending Machines. In some cases, the Active system can integrate activation of vending machines, scaling the cost of requested product directly from the credit stored in the customer’s bracelet.

Lockers.The system is compatible with most of the locks, which use as key for opening the bracelets assigned to the users within the Active circuit, solving the problem of storage inside the locker rooms.

Technical properties
Power Supply10-27Vdc 2W
Dimensions (mm)120x80x55
Piloting OutputRelè 1A
ProgrammingSetup Card
Data Connection-