Active Hotel

An extremely dynamic structure for access control in restricted areas. A set of units well distributed in the area are able to activate openings or giving consents simply by reading the information about authorization stored on the user cards.

Active is the RicreArea’s response for dynamic control of authorizations to use the devices on which it is installed, an innovative system that uses the storage capacity and the safety of new RFID circuits.

All information, permissions for access and use, unlike from the other traditional systems, are stored on user card. Each Active device controls the permissions addressed to it through checking not only the address, but also a predetermined expiration date.

The simplicity of the Active system is appreciated especially during installation; you just have to program the functions to which each device will work on (for instance open a door or allow the start of a machine) through a special Setup card, using wireless connection with no need to open the device.

The same programmer (connected to a PC) can be used to write on user card the related permissions or expiration dates.

In case of any verification necessities, through a special Backup card, you can download the history of the last transactions carried out by every single Active unit.

Finally, a system consisting of only 4 components: an Android programmer, a USB/PC programmer, the RFID/NFC Card or bracelet and the Active device on field.

Technical properties
Power Supply10-27Vdc 2W
Dimensions (mm)120x80x55
Piloting OutputRelè 1A
ProgrammingSetup Card
Data Connection-