Access Control and Parking Areas

RicreArea is part of Generale Sistemi srl, a leader company in Italy for more than 20 years for automated Access Control solutions in public and private Parking areas (historic centers and companies, but also parking lots and condo garages), as well as vehicle or user control, or mixed.

That’s why RicreArea is an ideal reference for professionals in tourism and leisure sector who want to implement Control Access systems model “Telepass” for their business, capable of automating and controlling parking lots of Hotels, Spas, Sporting Facilities, Campgrounds, Museums, Arenas, Holiday Centers, Resorts, etc...

RicreArea thus combines the possibility of fitting Access Control systems with a considerable provision of dedicated supports, also adaptable to other services within your own structure.

Depending on the performance and level of automation required, Generale Sistemi offers different solutions for access monitoring and management, subordinating gates, barriers, cams or mobile bollards to Tag reading with possible integration of optical people counter systems, OCR for license plates and other advanced technologies.

RicreArea therefore is not limited to the supply of consumable products, but also provides specialized designs and developments for ad hoc systems. A great solution for those who want turnkey systems, efficient and functional, capable of increasing performance, usability and thus the value of its customer services.

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