Electric Vehicle Charging

Relying on a leader company to provide the installation of Charging Points for Electric Vehicles for customers quite concerned about Green subject areas, notably increases the perceived value of owned structure. It is now an essential service for an ever-expanding market, but still not enough widespread in favor of a very determined and informed customer base.

The charging systems for electric vehicles such as Columns, Wallboxes, Dispensers, are extremely robust and therefore require little maintenance, but at the same time they are particularly complex in relation to the many sector standards and versions available today. The possible options are countless in relation to systems, plug types, vehicles that can be charged, etc... a broad and ever-changing scenario. Because of this, RicreArea and In-Presa, the latter being a brand still part of Generale Sistemi dedicated to Smart Mobility and first in Europe for charging points, are the obligatory choice for those who want to enable their own charging services with the confidence to rely on sector professionals.

Providing a Campground, a Hotel, a Playground and/or Amusement Park, a Museum but also a Sporting Facility, a Theater, etc… with a charging point for electric vehicles or an entire system made of scattered charging points – maybe linked to other services of the structure – can give amazing results in terms of new customers and loyalty programs. Above all, it allows to ensure the maximum serenity by guaranteeing the safety of your own customers which use the electricity in the equipped areas, thanks to systems and solutions under the laws and fitted with the best protections even against improper use.

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