E-Bike Rental and Sharing

The ecological two-wheeler is nowadays the vehicle chosen by an increasing number of users as the most suitable for urban mobility and it is certainly the most successful mean of transport in the scenario of Green mobility revolution. But maybe not everyone knows that it is generally a product well suited for the accommodating/tourist use.
Private Bike Sharing or Rental Systems extremely inexpensive that can offer, thanks to a vehicle with performance comparable to a small endothermic scooter but without its management issues, a highly requested service, fun and extremely functional. It is ideal to visit the tourist areas near campgrounds or hotels in total freedom and simplicity, with very low operating costs. The electric bike in fact does not have to pay road tax or insurance, and it is able to offer a range of about 50 Km at cost of a few cents per charge. Therefore, it is an ideal vehicle for the customer that, on vacation or during an occasion to relax, has among their wishes the limitation to use and manage their own car, possibly without even having to bring their own bike or limit the physical effort that a common bike (usually non-electric) would require.

In order to create and manage a fleet of E-Bikes, you need only to acquire the appropriate coupling and charging structure EVO Bike.

The advantages obtained from acquiring a E-Bike fleet are remarkable: E-Bike fleets allow to provide a fun and functional option to customers of tourist structures. Speaking of the most decentralized ones, thanks to E-Bikes, they can ideally bring closer the points of interests at no cost, reducing the drop of value of a structure far away from these points (beaches, historic centers, monuments, services). For the accommodating structures in city centers, E-Bikes allow the expansion of usability range for all their customers, without suffering from any vehicle transit ban, a real alternative of great interest to public mean of transports for every modern tourist.
It is also possible to install Electric Mountain Bikes for Sport use as well, particularly appreciated at mountain Hotels and Huts locations, that can offer the rental in markedly evocative environments without the need to transport the bikes by ski lifts. At the same time the electric fleet allows the speed of use, low noise and comfort even for staff members, in full compliance with the serenity of the tourist accommodation. With In-Presa and RicreArea’s systems, all of this can be bought with turnkey solutions, fully automated and combined with the identifying products, Cards, Bracelets, Key Fobs from Ricrearea’s series, etc… also useful to activate many other services.
A unique system that can also be integrated in mixed fleets, E-Bikes, Mountain E-Bikes and non-electric traditional bicycles, even on fleets already owned by the customer through the automatic vehicle (tag in plug) and User (user card) identification, in the same operation.

Since years Generale Sistemi provides the major Italian companies with fleets of E-Bikes through EVO Bike bars and their related platform roofs, even with photovoltaic roof.

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